Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saint Mary of the Angels, California

I am here in Los Angeles (full title of city is St Mary of the Angels) with the sisters who choose religious art and sacramentals for the Pauline centers in the United States and Toronto. This team of sisters looks at all there is available and choose the best for our centers - quality art and articles that are true expressions of our Catholic faith. We just became a team in June of 2006. The next meeting was in Chicago in March (for the Christmas season) and now we are meeting here for the Easter season which includes RCIA, First Communion and Confirmation gifts. The vendors we work with assist in paying for our tickets to visit their showrooms. Today we remember those who died on September 11th. The work we are about this week is to prepare the visual media of religious art to enter homes and offices as reminders to us of God's continual presence and love - even in the times that we least expect and in the places we least look.
Sr Margaret

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