Thursday, October 11, 2007

Movie Night at the Cooperator Conference

The film Beyond the Gates, a recently released DVD, gave us a lot to share on Saturday night at the Cooperator Convention. All of us watched the film on a large screen television. It was challenging to watch since the story was about a priest and social worker in Rwanda at the time of the genocide/civil unrest. Sr Nancy led the film dialogue after we had a "wine and cheese" break. She had just interviewed the producer, Hugh Dancey and one of the survivors of the . massacre. The main challenge of the film was "what would you risk to make a difference." We were fortunate to have a cooperator who works at the United Nations with us to answer our questions about the situation surrounding the "war" in Rwanda. Elly gave us insights into similar situtations of revoltuion and unrest in which she found herselfas a child in Central America. Fr Jeffrey and all of us attending contributed to the sharing that concluded with prayer and a resolution to bring peace into all the areas of our life - family, community, parish, and the impact of globalisation - through our living out of the gospel.

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Sr Margaret Kerry said...

visti the movie site - this is a worthy movie for your next movie night.