Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Traveling by air and by prayer

Greetings again! This blog is time bound and I am sometimes airbound - traveling. So even if it isn't updated you are welcome to ask me "where in the world" I am and I hope to respond. PLUS you can tell us about your "location" in the world of time and Pauline spirituality. When I am not traveling I live in Boston. This week we are holding meetings for all of the sisters (68 here!) regarding our General Chapter which just concluded in Rome. There are some wonderful presentations that we are sharing on life and mission. Revision of the Apostolate is the call we are responding to as well as deepening our communal life and the call to be apostles through the three vows of religious life. All of us are called to be apostles. I was just in St Louis, MO where I met and spent a week with our three new postulants. They are excited about the call they freshly responded to. There are lay apostles who are searching for a deeper relationship with Jesus through the Pauline charism "that is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me." I receive at least one or two e-mails a week for inquiry into the Pauline Cooperator Association.

The postulants began a blog while I was in St Louis with them. I have to get the address for you or you could try a google search for Daughters of St Paul Postulants. This way we can all keep in touch while traveling and praying.

Gotta go. Time for prayer!
Sr Margaret


Sr Margaret Kerry said...

here it is! The Postulants blog.


Rae said...

The Paulines are blog, blog, blogging along. How neat to see! This comment will serve as my testing of the comment section.