Saturday, December 22, 2007

Jesus is with us

Jesus lives in us “as if in a new manger; and he affects a physical and spiritual union with us that is transforming and is permanent by its very nature. Each day, according to the spirit of the Church, we celebrate a new Christmas. There is the eternal birth of the divine Son of the Father, and there is the temporal birth of the Son of God by the Virgin Mary; there is the real and mystical birth of Jesus Christ in the reception of the Eucharist. We live in Jesus because we are incorporated in him: he imprints his new life in us and makes it bear fruit. This is the new life that produces the grafting of a good olive onto a wild olive plant. And Mary participates at our being generated in Christ, because she became our Mother.” Father James Alberione; Considerate la Vostra Vocazione,

The gift of wisdom, personified by Yahweh himself, when it enters the human scene, requires a cooperation to enable it to develop all its potentialities. The Spirit of Wisdom that guides us is a gift of God tied to the presence of God in our midst. At the same time it is the result of the active collaboration of each one of us. To be bound to help God allows us to invoke his Spirit and to pursue our process of Christification.
Fr. Silvo Sassi, Superior General

"In this journey of spiritual ascent, Christ is the Model and the Master Who shows us the beautiful image of God. Looking at Him, each of us discovers ourselves to be 'the painter of our own life' (Alberione) in which our will undertakes the work and our virtues are the colors at our disposal."
Pope Benedict XVI

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