Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ready to Blog Again

I have been traveling the US. There has been so much to Blog about (not brag - blog) that I wish I had a web connection on the road. I actually tried to Blog on Amtrac but I couldn't do it even though I found free wireless access while zooming through Connecticut. I tried again in New York. I didn't have time in Los Angeles. What! Blog on a beach in Honolulu? And I didn't plan enough time in San Francisco. I had one day in Boston before flying to Florida - for vacation.....and Blogging just isn't in my blood yet. Four days in New Orleans but the lure of the Cathedral and the French Quarter overcame any blogging desires. Now I am back in Boston - it is cold outside - I have a few days before my next trip. AND I am blogging! Some day I will tell you about last month and what is going on in the Pauline world there. In fact I may even do that soon! After all this is a Blog and I am supposed to be on it at least once a day. Facebook is not in my future.....
Sr Margaret

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