Thursday, December 20, 2007

Waiting in the Desert

This is a time of waiting. I have been waiting to get back to Boston for some rest from travels. My recent travels brought me to the desert where I thought often of the passage "prepare in the desert a highway for the coming of the Lord." I also thought of the advent Psalm - "Come Lord, reign from the rock in the desert to the Mount of Sinai." I had never though of Jesus reigning from rock to mountain but that makes sense in the light of the Incarnation - all things are renewed in Christ - even the smallest rock in the dryest desert. The desert shall bloom, said Isaiah. I visited The Living Desert in Palm Desert, CA. I went into the botanical gardens looking for plants and flowers - my comment to Sr Julia who was with me: "That one needs water! This is just a dry tumbleweed! That cactus is drying up!" After all this is winter in the desert - awaiting spring rains. Our advent can be real like this desert. There is hope in the desert. There are signs that life can be beautiful there. The dried up yellow cactus flowers are signs that there was once a fresh bloom. The dried up plants are still tenaciously rooted to the earth that they sprang from one fresh day. The dry pathways are home to many birds, squirrels, lizards, butterflies and hummingbirds. Did you know that the desert was a favorite home for hummingbirds and butterflies? I didn't. Sure enough there were signs that this is true. One tiny yellow hummingbird buzzed over small purple flowers lighting them like advent candles - tasting the promise of nector that will be in abundance soon.

Have a Blessed time of fulfillment in Christ!