Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sr Mary Augustine writes from Kenya

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for all of your e-mails and concerns about if I am okay or not. I assure you that I am fine, as are all of our sisters here. But I do ask you to please pray for the families of all of our Kenyan sisters who are scattered all over the country. So far, they are all okay.

But the situation is not good at all and everything has been at a standstill since the elections on Dec. 27th. You probably know more than I do of what has been happening because our news is somehow hampered and not everything is allowed to be shown on TV, although we do see a lot. We listen to BBC a lot on the radio and it keeps us up to date. Very few of our staff have been able to come to work since there is no way of traveling - all the buses and other means of transportation are stopped or else cost so much that no one can afford them. Most people are walking miles to go to work.

This is a situation which is very difficult for us Americans to understand - the whole problem is tribalism and people taking advantage of the situation to loot and burn and to take revenge on people they do not like ( eg. the other tribes.) But they are very few who are doing all this damage. Most people want peace and the churches are crowded with people praying. We had an all night vigil last night and all of us took turns to make the hour of adoration so that peace may come once more to this beautiful country.

I will try to keep you informed, but ask you not to worry about me. We are not in any danger. Our book center is in town, but the sisters did not go today because there is supposed to be a rally this morning and no one wants to take any chances of going out. They did go yesterday and said that things were calm.

Please keep your prayers going for us and also for our sisters in Pakistan who are in much more danger than we are. We have many Pakistani sisters, plus a few from other countries and they are in the midst of all their riots, etc. but so far, they are all okay, thank God.

May God bless all of you. Love and prayers,

Sr Mary Augustine

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Easter A. said...

Thank you for this post, Sr. Margaret Charles. I will definitely continue to pray for them. Such courage they have! God be praised for them!