Thursday, January 17, 2008

Toronto, Ontario FSP News

I said I would bring your greetings and bring back greetings from the Pauline Cooperators in Toronto. While I was in Canada Sr Mary Peter and the sisters of the communinity held a scheduled Hour of Adoration followed by a Cooperator meeting. There we shared our common goal of evangelization; spoke about this new blog/meeting place (Louis Ng was there and he has already contributed to this blog); dreampt about the possible trip to Italy in Paul's Footsteps (April 2009); and promised prayers.

The bookcenter in Toronto is also a distribution center for Pauline Books & Media in Canada. The sisters reach out to schools, parishes and bookstores from Toronto to Quebec and beyond. They work very closely with a Catholic Radio and Television Station (Salt & Light) founded by a Pauline Cooperator who actually knew Blessed Alberione. He grew up in Italy and as young man discerning his vocation was advised by Blessed Alberione to expand the Pauline mission in Cananda as a Pauline Cooperator. He went on to found St Joseph's Publishing and Media in Toronto. His family continues the tradition of assisting Paulines all over the world. Recently St Joseph's Media has helped Paulines print and diffuse Bibles for China.

Another delegation of Daughters of St Paul is in Montreal (French speaking) plus the Society of St Paul and Daughters have wonderful centers in Quebec and Sherbrooke where they also publish.

Sr Margaret

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Rae said...

I am very happy to hear of St. Joseph's Publishing and Media in Toronto, and Catholic Radio & Television Station (Salt and Light). I love to hear of Pauline Cooperators working actively to bring about Blessed Alberione's vision for the Pauline family in this modern world. I will check it out.