Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Attending the LA Religious Education Congress

Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

Click on the title above and visit the site of the LA Religious Education Congress. I am joining 10 other sisters there for an exhibit, meetings with publishers, international liturgical celebrations and workshops. Over 40,000 catechists attend this Congress. I haven't been since 2003 - though that seems like yesterday to me and not yesteryear. We are hoping that the Congress will become a launching place for new Pauline editions, new Pauline authors, and Pauline singers. We are bringing the latest Pauline album of classical traditional Catholic songs via suitcase since it just arrived! Get your copy at the LA Congress or at your closest Pauline center. Not close enough? Visit the website: www.pauline.org - it should be up there soon. By the way I checked the 10 day forcast - I leave a snow-storm behind in Boston and head to sunny - in the 70s - LA.

Sr Margaret

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