Thursday, February 21, 2008

Grace Hill Media

Grace Hill Media

Even from its inception, Grace Hill Media has always been a ground-breaking company. Jonathan Bock conceived of a new strategy to bridge the chasm that existed between Hollywood and the relatively untapped market of Religious America. In 2000, Grace Hill Media was born and quickly established itself as the reigning market leader in reaching People of Faith.

Grace Hill Media is committed to highlighting entertainment for the faith community which shares in their beliefs, that explores their values, and that enhances and elevates their view of the world. The hallmark of Grace Hill Media is integrity. We constantly balance the wants of our clients with the needs of our audience, and always strive to act as counsel and advocate for both. In recognizing the business demands of Hollywood, while remaining sensitive to the values of the faith audience, Grace Hill Media stands alone in the entertainment industry.

Grace Hill Media gave us (FSP) our first opportunity to work with movie theatres to promote a movie (The Nativity Story) with pre-screenings of the film. They also promote the Narnia films and so much more. Check out their web site and connect via e-newsletters for upcoming promotions that you can be a part of.
Sr Margaret

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