Friday, February 8, 2008

Less for Lent: Journey to Easter

This the title of a book that my sister and I began: Less for Lent, Add for Advent. This is what Cathy tells her kids. In reality we may also add for lent. The less for lent reminds us that giving means giving up something as an ascetical practice "to prepare us to receive" - the add tells us that in giving up we won't have less, instead we increase Jesus in us "He must increase while I must decrease," said St John the Baptist one of our guides. A Jesuit reminded us in his homily the first day of lent "Lent is 40 days - or 6 weeks. Easter is 7 weeks!" We are preparing to celebrate with joy the reason for our faith, our hope and our love. He is risen and is still with us!

Happy Lenten giving and adding
Sr Margaret

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