Friday, February 8, 2008

New foundation of Daughters of St. Paul in Juba

AFRICA/SUDAN - New foundation of Daughters of St. Paul in Juba
Juba (Agenzia Fides) - After 25 years of civil war, southern Sudan is experiencing a time of peace. Following a peace signing in January of 2005, Bishop Paris Taban, Bishop of Torit, offered an invitation to all religious congregations to come and start foundations there in order to aid in the moral and spiritual rebuilding of the inhabitants who, upon returning to their country have found ruins and desolation. The Daughters of St. Paul have accepted this invitation and last January 25th, two Pauline sisters went to Juba, willing to help the local Church in the evangelization and human aid efforts through communications media.
In Juba, houses have been destroyed, roads torn apart, very few buildings are left standing, and many people who, upon their return, have been forced to live in huts, even within the city. Throughout the city, there are buildings under construction. The Archbishop of Juba, Archbishop Paulino Lukubu, has offered the Daughters of St. Paul a hall in the cathedral, that also served as a bookstore. The hall is fairly large, although it will need repair, as well as an expansion and a storage room. What are most needed are books and audiovisual equipment. For now, the most urgent need is books for the seminarians, catechists and students, as well as for the common people. The arrival of the Daughters of St. Paul is not only awaited in Juba, but also in seven other dioceses of southern Sudan. The two missionaries are studying Arabic and are working to renovate the bookstore and the house in order to begin their apostolate with visits to the parishes and schools, bringing the Word of God to all the people. (S.L.) (Agenzia Fides 6/2/2008)

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