Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Philadelpha Visit

I am on my way to Philadelphia by train today (May 20th). Getting ready for this trip was a journey in itself since I sent in the wrong date and times for my ticket. A nice gentleman at Amtrak helped me out via phone and now I also know where the best "water ice" pretzels and pound cake are in Philly.

The trip here is especially for the Pauline Book Fairs. We are launching a new book fair "magazine" for children grades K-6. It has games, jokes (in honor of Sr Mary Caroline who is now telling them in heaven)stories, book, music and DVD reviews for kids and by kids, a Media Mindfulness page by Sr Rose Pacatte (Pauline Center for Media Studies) and a book fair insert.

The whole program is called JClub: A Catholic Place for Kids. This is still under wraps but I have revealed it to you so the buzz can start. There will be over 50 Catholic books, CDs and DVDs available for showing in Catholic Schools. The name - JClub is for Jesus - and the symbol of a fish hook reminding us that we are "caught or grasped by Christ" and called to be fishers of men and women. The word Club is about the web site for Catholic kids that is also under development.

Launch date: Fall 2008 testing in Philadelphia. I am on my way to meet Mary at the Catholic Schools Office.

Sr Margaret

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Easter A. said...

Sr. Margaret Charles,
This is good news!