Monday, May 12, 2008

Visit of the General Government

Greetings from Boston!

Happy Feast of the Queen of Apostles! The Saturday before Pentecost.

Our Superior General, Sr Antonieta Bruscato, has just begun her journey to our branch houses througout the US and Toronto. She is with Sr Inocencia (from the Philippines), General Councilor for the Laity (this is the first time that we have a councilor for the laity! It bodes well for Alberione's dream that the lay and religious apostle engage mission together). The other three councilors have already been visiting our communitiies: Sr Samuela, who spent the last 20 years in Africa, Sr Annamaria who is the vicar General (When I had my 30 day retreat in Rome SR Annamaria Parazen was the coordinator of the event and made it a memorable experience) and Sr Anna Maria Caiaza who was in the editorial house of Italy for many years.

Our visit has included consultation for the new Provincial Government (every three years). It is an every six year visitaion and comes at an important time in the history of our Province. Thanks for your prayers! I am completing six years of service in our Provincial Government. This brings hope of being more active for the Cooperators - and with new Pauline lay programs in Rome the future will bring a New Pentacost!

Sr Margaret

PS Yes that is a lamb being held by Jesus on the Queen of Apostles statue (click on photo to enlarge.) It has been there since the feast of Jesus Master the Good Shepherd, Way, Truth and Life. (Good Shepherd Sunday on the Liturgical Calendar and a Pauline Feast as well).


marthatherese said...

Cool picture of Jesus and the Lamb.
You must be very anxious to know where you're going next, huh? I hope you're coming to Middle or West Coast. I'll be praying for you:)

Sr. Jocelyn Veritas said...

All the best to your fraternal visit by the general government. remembering you all in our prayers.