Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Month of St Paul - Feast of Celebrations

Each June Paulines celebrate a month with St Paul. This culminates in the Feast of St Paul. Sts Peter and Paul are on June 29th and Paulines celebrate St Paul on the 30th - an older feast on the Roman calendar that is now the Feast of the early Martyrs. Paul qualifies for early martyr as well as Apostle.

This June will open the Year of St Paul. We are planning many events. The first begins this weekend (June 7th) with the Jubilee of 11 sisters - 3 celebrate 25 years. 3 celebrate 50 years. 3 celebrate 60 years and 2 celebate 70 years! We expect 200 people to join in the celebrations.

On June 14th 2 sisters will pronounce their perpetual vows and on June 28th three sisters will pronounce first vows. Then on June 29th 3 Pauline Cooperators in New Jersey and 2 Pauline Cooperators in Boston will pronounce their Promise.

These types of celebrations will be going on all over the world in Pauline communities: the Priests and Brothers of the Society of St Paul, the Daughters of St Paul, the Sisters of the Divine Master, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the Sisters of the Queen of Apostles and all of the Institutes: Holy Family, Annunciationists, Gabrielites - plus Pauline Cooperators.

In April 2009 the whole Pauline Family will hold a special event in honor of Paul (in Rome). I am trying to find out more about this event as we plan a Roman pilgrimage for the Cooperators.

Happy Month of St Paul!

Sr Margaret

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phivan said...

Don't forget to post the dates asap of Roman pilgrimage please. I love to join your group if I may...
Blessed St Paul's month :)