Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pauline Cooperators Speak Writing Together

Bringing to life the teachings of St. Paul through their stories, struggles and triumphs, joys, and their ponderings

Dear Pauline Cooperators and dear Sisters who are moderators of PC groups,

It is with joy that I embark on this journey of putting together a book in celebration of Year of St. Paul. I invite you all to write. All contributions should relate to your life as a Pauline Cooperator and to the teachings and life of St. Paul.

What to write about/contribute:
-Faith journey
-Life-changing testimony
-How has Scripture and/or the Eucharist being central to the life of a Pauline Family member strengthened your faith
-How Prayer and Adoration with the Sisters helped in your faith journey
-Spiritual growth through monthly meetings
-Specific incident wherein you were triumphant because of what you learned as a Pauline Cooperator
-Experiences in attending a Pauline Cooperator Conference
-Teaching of Fr. James Alberione and/or Mother Thecla that influenced you the most
-Ministry or ways through which you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
-Influence of St. Paul in your life of service
-Sisters who are moderators of Pauline Cooperators’ groups, please write about the teachings of St. Paul, or your experiences as a moderator
-The struggles and joys of being a Pauline Cooperator

Determine what to write about. Write as if you are speaking to a child or a friend. Do not worry about tenses or syntax. Pray before writing. Write from the heart. If you wish to write in a story form, see guidelines below. Maximum of 1,500 words

Would anyone like to do the graphics for the cover of this book?

Deadline of submission: July 15, 2008. Let us pray this becomes available before the 18th Annual Cooperator Convention which will be held on October 31 to November 2, 2008.

Send your written work, complete name, email address and phone number to Easter Almuena JoEaster2@hawaii.rr.com (please include Pauline Cooperator in your subject line). If you are not submitting your own prayer or poem, please include name of writer.

Proceeds go to the Pauline Cooperators’ Fund and causes.

Please send questions or comments to me. God bless us all abundantly!

Easter Almuena
Pauline Cooperator of Hawaii

Guidelines to Writing a Story for the Book Pauline Cooperators Speak
Step 1. Decide which story you wish to tell. If you are reading this and considering the possibility of sharing your story with others, there is a good chance that you really have more than one story which brought you to Christ or helped to fortify your faith.
Step 2. Think through the story as if you were going to tell it verbally to a child or friend. What was going on in your life at the time of the story? What happened (in chronological order)? Where did you end up as a result? Was there a lesson to be learned for yourself or others?
Step 3. Stories have a beginning, middle and end. Your beginning should answer the question about what was going on in your life or events immediately prior to the "God-Incident". (do not use too many words here) You want to tell just enough to set the stage.
Step 4. Describe the period pertaining to the core of the matter, incident or faith changing event. Here is where you tell the bulk of your story.
Step 5. Finally, describe the result(s) of incident or period. How has it had an impact on your faith? How has it helped to change your outlook, heart and dealings with others within the context of your faith? What impact has it had on others? Be able to relate it to your life as a Pauline Cooperator. How have the teachings of St. Paul had an impact on your life, your family, or your work? How have the teachings Fr. James Alberione or Mother Thecla on St. Paul had an impact in the way you dealt with someone or a group of people? How has your Pauline charism had an impact in bringing someone to Christ? Have you experienced joy in bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others? Why is it important to serve and to share the Gospel of Christ?

Easter Almuena, Pauline Cooperator from Hawaii
Jack O’Keefe, Editor, Pauline Cooperator from (Hawaii or Michigan)
Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp, Advisor, Director of APC, US and Toronto

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Veritas said...

I will say a special prayer, Easter, that this book will turn out to be a wonderful joy-filled and jam-packed testament to Pauline spirituality!