Monday, August 4, 2008

Stumbling across St Paul's in Ohio

This is a very cool thing. I stumbled across it last week, when my husband Bill and I literally stumbled into Alba House and Father Jeffrey on a road trip to Chicago. We were taking the back roads, staying off of the Interstates.

We were driving down Rt. 224 outside Canfield, Ohio, when Bill said to me, "Look, a Catholic shrine." We turned and saw what sure enough did look like a Catholic shrine of some sort, and then I saw a sign saying "Alba House".

I said, "Wait, that's a Pauline Center!" We had passed it by that time, but Bill asked if we should turn around. I said, "Sure!"

We stepped into the Alba House bookstore. I felt right at home. We met two Pauline priests, both of whose names I regret I have mislaid. They greeted us warmly. I introduced myself as a Pauline Cooperator, and said we had just chanced upon the place. In talking of the various people I knew, I mentioned Father Jeffrey. To my delight, it turned out that this was indeed Fr. Jeffrey's home base and, in fact, he was just a few doors away!

What a gift from the Holy Spirit! It made my day. Fr. Jeffrey gave us a tour of the grounds and the television station, and he showed us this new venture.

St. Paul's Tube! A YouTube for folks like us who are signed on in Christ's service in one capacity or another. Not just for Paulines, but for everyone who would like a clean, uplifting, GOOD video sharing site.

I intend to upload a video of my own before the summer is over.

Also Fr. Jeffrey encourages blogs on St. Paul's Tube. Create a new blog! I intend to.

May the Holy Spirit shower blessings on this new effort in the cause of the Good Press!


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