Monday, September 22, 2008

Being in Manhattan on my way to Philadelphia

Greetings from Philadelphia!
I am finding "free" car rides to various locations in the country. The latest was finding out that the new Provincial Government was driving to New York so I was able to hop into one of the cars - Sr Nancy's to be precise. Of course we were quite the whole trip (ahem). Then a few days on Staten Island in the new convent at Blessed Sacrament parish - with great hospitality and company. On Saturday I dared all and took the Ferry into Manhattan followed by, what I thought,was going to be a semi-adventure via one boat and two trains. Back up to the morning: I had an emotional morning - the kind holy people don't have - and was dealing with God as Jacob did at Peniel - a struggle. So as I found the energy to get into Manhattan from that struggle it disipated when I found out that the "normal" train - the one I had directions to take - wasn't working. I was told by a subway conductor to take the "R" train to Union Station and switch to the "Six" train. I made a quick phone call to Sr Nancy to say "I may be late for the meeting at the bookcenter - and I may even be lost. Hope to see you soon." Obviously her phone wasn't on and so it was a message left as I went underground hoping with all my might that I may just be late - not lost. After a few helpful hints on how to make the turnstall work (and using up more on my Metro card than necessary) I waiting on the tracks - hopeing this was the right direction, correct train, etc. The train came. I sat down to an older woman wearing the same Kiwi green that some of our chapels have been painted. I asked her if this train was in fact going to Union Station. She said yes. I have to tell you this story in another blog - it is great! This woman reminded me to trust God. That God said I am with you. Don't be afraid. She grabbed my hand as we ran to catch the "six" train. she pushed me into the car - lovingly - and got us seats. We talked - she evangelized me. When I asked her name - OF COURSE! - it was Raphaela - "Just remember the angels" she said. We kissed with a promise of prayers. Her words will be with me for a long time - a program for each day - remind me to tell you!

Sr Margaret

PS I was only 15 minutes late meeting Margie and Marie-Louise, Pauline Cooperators. What they are carrying out in Manhattan for the Pauline Year is amazing and deserves another blog article. I am in Philadelphia until September 26th.

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