Friday, September 12, 2008

Web Site Appeals to Spirituality of Children

Web Site Appeals to Spirituality of Children

Aims to Show Them What They Can Offer World

LONDON, SEPT. 3, 2008 ( The creators of a pioneering Web site for children hope their new resource will appeal to an increasing number of young people showing an interest in religious studies and spirituality. is designed to cater to children between the ages of 10 and 13, who have questions to ask and want to learn more about life, relationships, spirituality and the world around them.The site, created by the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelization, an agency of the episcopal conference of England and Wales, is set to be launched Sunday.

It features more than 20 interactive pages covering music and film, "Girls only" and "Boys only" sections, book reviews, prayer and a questions area.

"Step Ahead" interviews feature teenagers 14-16 years old who serve as older role models.

Emily Davis, one of the Yfaith creators, said research suggests courses on religious studies continue to increase in popularity.

"Yfaith is a resource which aims to encourage and support children and young people in their journey of spiritual discovery and enquiry," she explained. "We hope that there is something on the site for everyone."

Central to the site's strategy is that it has been molded, and in parts co-written (with adult help), by the target age group.

James, 12, attended a pre-launch children's party.

The site is easy to understand, he affirmed, and "the things they say you can really relate to."

Laura, 11, agreed, "I think it's really good. It tells you about things you want to know and it tells you about what other people have said."

Yfaith is designed to complement what children receive in the classroom and enable them to discover the contribution they can make to the world at large. It places particular emphasis on children's spiritual questions and interests.

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