Friday, October 17, 2008

Novena to Jesus our Divine Master Oct 17- Oct 25

Prayer to Jesus our Master - Novena for the Feast Day - Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you as the Word Incarnate sent by the Father to instruct us in life-giving truths. You are uncreated Truth, the only Master. You alone have words of eternal life. We thank you for having given to us the light of reason and the light of faith, and for having called us to the light of glory. We believe and submit all of who we are to you. Master, show us the treasures of your wisdom, let us know the Father, make us true disciples. Increase our faith so that we may attain to the eternal vision in heaven.
Jesus, Divine Master, we adore you as the beloved of the Father, the only way to him. We thank you because you made yourself our model. You left us examples of the highest perfection. You have invited us to follow you on earth and in heaven. We contemplate you in the various periods of your earthly life. We want to enroll in your school of life and grow to become whom you dream we will become. Draw us to you so that by following in your footsteps and renouncing whatever is not according to your dream, we may seek only your will. Give us a firm and lively hope! May we be caught up in the goodness of your indescribable life forever in heaven.
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Margie said...

Dear Pauline Family Members (esp. Pauline Cooperators) & Friends,

May God bless us all and our loved ones, and those working in all Christian ministries, particularly in our Pauline Apostolate work of social communications, on the occasion of the Feast Day of Jesus, Our Divine Master. Amen.

Hope to see you all at the Princeton retreat of Pauline Cooperators next weekend. For those who cannot join us, let us pray for each other in order to receive the gifts of the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, so that we may all go forth as fruitful vessels fulfilling the Great Commission. Many thanks in advance.