Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Synod on the Word of God: Continuous proclamation of the Word of God

Dear Sr. Margaret and Pauline Family Members,

Have you read the book which Blessed James Alberione wrote entitled, “Read the Sacred Scriptures”?   This is divided into three parts, the Truth, the Way & the Life.

It is interesting that at the start of the Synod, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI shows us the centrality of the Sacred Scriptures and how we should treasure this inheritance, particularly in the midst of competing priorities in the third millennium. It will help the world re-discover that we are God's people and the dynamics of our relationship with God, and how we can make this manifest in our relationship with our neighbor. Hopefully, this could get humanity back on the same page.   

In Blessed Alberione’s book (p. 311 old pagination), he wrote under the heading “Faith in the Gospel must be:

“…d) Forceful:  The Gospel leads to conversion, but courage is needed to propose it to the lost and gone astray; courage is needed to sacrifice one’s passion to follow Jesus.”

Could this 2008 Synod and Blessed Alberione's book be springboards in preparation for 2009 World Day for Social Communication? Let me know your thoughts, please.

Margie Skeels


Easter A. said...

"The Gospel leads to conversion, but courage is needed to propose it to the lost and gone astray; courage is needed to sacrifice one’s passion to follow Jesus.”

HI Margie,

God be praised!

Thanks for this post! I totally agree on the point that courage is needed... it is for this reason that I am very much encouraged to continue blogging inspite of my hectic schedule. Courage becomes stronger as one continues to tread the complexities and realities of life and of the world that we now live in. I think that each step with Christ to the unknown is a sure step to strengthening that courage. Conversion is an ongoing process. Scripture, when embraced and practiced daily, will all the more lead us to a life of courage making us less and less unafraid to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God be praised!

Thanks again, Margie. I will have to purchase that book by Fr. Alberione. If you can post a link for us here to understand the 2009 World Day for Social Communication, we'd really appreciate it. God bless!

Rae said...

Courage, indeed. I'm glad I came to the blog today. I'm in a real funk today. But I've been studying and reading St. Paul, about how God is powerful in weakness. So I am intending not to indulge in my usual funk-relief methods, which all involve sort of turning away from God until I feel better, and going off to eat or watch tv or waste time on the Internet. I'm going to abide with Him in my funk, and ask the Lord to be there with me.

Courage sometimes seems like a luxury for the times in which one is in consolation. But courage in desolation is a necessity.


Easter A. said...
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Easter A. said...

Loved the way you put it, Rae!

correction to my post: Should have been "more unafraid" (my error could mean: courage needs some caution :-) )

Thanks again, Margie.

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

A great Pauline way to celebrate the World Day of Communication since Alberione's life was a life of faith and a life for the Gospel: "On July 1923 a dark cloud seemed to cut down all his dreams as they dawned. Fr. Alberione became serious ill; and the diagnosis of the doctors did not offer much hope. Surprisingly, however, contrary to all expectations, Fr. Alberione miraculously recovers. "It was St. Paul who cured me," he would say later. Since then, in Pauline chapels, would appear the words that, during a dream or in revelation of the Divine Master, were told Fr. Alberione: "Do not be afraid – I am with you – From here I want to enlighten – Be sorry for sins."

Fr. Alberione, ever burning with "zeal" for souls, tried to identify the speediest forms to bring the Gospel message to every person, above all those who are far away and the masses.

Margie said...


Thanks for your comments.

Easter A. & Friends: To know more about World Day for Social Communication, see: (Category: Activities; Theology & communication; WCD 2009.

Here's a shortcut to SIGNIS article "New Technologies at the Heart of World Day for Social Communications 2009":


Margie said...

Additional reference:

Inter Mirifica ("Among the wonderful"), Dec. 4, 1963 (paragraph 18)


Easter A. said...

Thank you for your response and for this wonderful post!