Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Audio Testimony on Owen Danyo

Dear Sr. Margaret,
Less than 30 seconds ago I listened to your testimony about how God is working in and among us in a tiny part of the U.S. and in a tiny body and soul, Owen. I was deeply moved. Whatever good is done to that dear family through this, it has personal meaning for us all. As small and insignificant as the FSPs are in Texas and in the entire country, God "has his eye on the sparrow." At this time in our history, WE need this too. More than a simple reminder of what we already know, it's a contemplative moment in which we actually SEE God present in our life. These words don't do the experience justice. Thank you for all you are sharing with us.
Sr. Margaret Joseph
San Antonio

Read Owen's story at search Owen Danyo. Watch Rae's video on Owen "Miracle of intercession" by linking to the Pauline Charism LIVE! site to the left of this weblog or click on her blog Confessions of a Pauline Cooperartor in the Pauline blog section:See photos on Share Your Photos Here to the left.

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