Sunday, November 9, 2008

Orissa Burning Video for Sabaoth Film Festival first on our site

Sr Jane's video on Orissa, India (found on our video site under Orissa Burning) is going to be at the Sabaoth International Film Festival, Milan Italy, November 12-13th. Placed with an Amnisty International presentation and shown during the presentation of the head of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. Kudos to John Brunson in Irving, CA for heading this campaign with Sr Jane Raphael Livingston. John was also instrumental in petitioning the USCCB - Bishop's committee for a day of prayer for our brothers and sisters in Orissa. The day of prayer was today - you may have heard this at Mass today, November 9th. This is, as Sr Jane will tell you, the work of the Spirit since the video was created in the garage of our Charleston convent. It began when Sr Jane called and asked me to have the Cooperators pray. A video was suggested. The cooperators have been instrumental as this video reached a wide audience (especially John!). There are over 5, 300 hits on the site. Sr Jane also put this video on YouTube (almost 2,000 hits) which is where it was picked up by the committee for the Sabaoth International Film Festival for human rights issues.

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