Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharing with you a local event from the Pacific...

Hello Sr. Margaret Charles, Rae, Margie and all you dear Pauline Cooperators:

I am delighted to share with you pictures of this past Saturday's important event that I had taken here on my side of the world. We celebrated the 125th anniversary of Mother Marianne Cope's arrival on the shores of Hawaii. She, with other 5 Franciscan nuns, nursed the lepers of Kalaupapa. Fr. Damien's canonization has already been approved and we are hoping that Blessed Mother Marianne's will follow soon.

You can view them here at my blog, Mostly Prayers.

Where was the Pauline Spirit in all of these for me? In being able to serve that day. The life of St. Paul encourages me to serve wherever I am called. :-)

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Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

Thank you for sharing this time of celebration!
Sr Margaret