Thursday, November 6, 2008

Translation Here! From Don Antonio Da Silva

Carissima Suor Margaret,
mi rivolgo a te per rinnovare ancora il mio grazie a te e a tutte le Figlie di San Paolo e Cooperatori e Cooperatrici che mi avete accolto e aiutato in questo viaggio.
Ti chiederei di passare questo mio messaggio a tutti, per dire che oggi abbiamo iniziato la nuova ricognizione canonica della salma del beato Giacomo Alberione.
Mentre aiutavo, avendo nelle mani il suo corpo ho rivolto un pensiero e una preghiera per tutti voi. E lo farò ancora nei prossimi giorni.
Restiamo uniti nella comunione e nella preghiera chiedendo l'intercessione del Beato Alberione per tutti noi, i nostri cari e tutte le persone bisognose o sofferenti nel corpo o nello spirito.
A tutte e tutti il mio cordiale saluto.
Don Antonio F. da Silva

Dearest Sr. Margaret,
I turn to you once again to renew my gratitude to you and to all the Daughters of St. Paul and the Cooperators to say that today we have begun the canonical process of renewing the remains of Blessed James Alberione.
While I helped out, touching the body of the Founder with my hands, I thought of and sent a prayer for each of you. And I will continue to do this in the days to come.
Let us remain united in communion and in prayer, asking the intercession of Blessed Alberione for us all, our dear ones, and all those who suffer need, or bear bodily or spiritual sufferings.
To all of you, I send my most cordial greetings.
Don Antonio F. da Silva


Margie said...

Dear Sister Margaret,

A million thanks for sharing Don Antonio da Silva's message. Indeed it was an honor and a pleasure to have shared moments at the United Nations in New York and at St. Joseph's Seminary in Princeton at the Pauline Cooperators Conference.
His enlightening multi-faceted lectures in Princeton were so brilliantly delivered (with thanks to Sr. Anne Joan Flanagan's simultaneous interpretation) that he imparted a vivid understand of our heritage in the Pauline Family from the vision, teaching, prayers, courageous grace-filled life of our Founder Blessed James Alberione and the many holy people who have gone before us and have gone up in ranks towards sainthood. Their holiness and heroic virtues make us proud to have them as models in today's world by the way they have lived and promoted vocations among the religious and the laity. Their use of social communication to announce the good news of the salvation that was won for us by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and their help in propelling us forward to live the Great Commission from Our Divine Master Jesus Christ, by virtue of our baptism, is a living testament to God's hand on the Pauline Family and its founder Blessed James Alberione. The momentum of the work Blessed Alberione started continues today. Noteworthy is that blessed night that divided the 19th & 20th centuries when - - in response to Pope Leo XIII's invitation to pray for the century that was about to begin - - Blessed James Alberione knelt in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from where he heard "I will be with you until the consummation of the world." As we know, it was in the Eucharist that Blessed Alberione found "light, nourishment, comfort and victory over evil." He found inspiration and wrote "The Eucharist, the Gospel, the Pope, the new century... the need for a new army of apostles - - these things were so deeply impressed on my mind and heart that later they would always dominate my thoughts, prayers, interior work and inspirations. I felt obliged to serve the Church and the men of the new century and to work with others." From then through milestones of Vatican II and the Tertio Millennio, the Pauline Family which was founded by Blessed James Alberione went marching forward united in communion with the Church Triumphant, the Church Militant and the Church Suffering for the sanctification of souls for God's eternal glory.

May God, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent and Eternal, through His Son Jesus Christ, Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life, who is One with the Father and the Holy Spirit, have mercy on Blessed James Alberione and grant our prayer for his canonization. Amen. Mother Mary, Queen of Apostles, pray for Blessed James Alberione's canonization. St. Paul the Apostle, pray for Blessed James Alberione's canonization. Amen.

May God bless the work of Don Antonio da Silva and the Pauline Family on the cause of canonization of Blessed James Alberione, for God's glory. Amen.

In Christ's peace,
Margie Skeels

Easter A. said...

Dearest Margie,

I loved what you shared here! Add an instance/experience in your life where you became a light of Christ for others through the teachings of Blessed Alberione and you got a story! Then send it to me. :-)

I really enjoyed this sharing, Margie, especially that I wasn't at the convention. You gave it "life" for me.

Hello Sr. Margaret Charles, Rae and all you wonderful Pauline Cooperators :-). I am with you/praying with you as preparations are being undertaken towards the approval of our Blessed Alberione's canonization.
God bless you all abundantly!