Friday, August 29, 2008

New Pauline Blog on Communication!

Where this blog came from (pieces from "windows")
August 22th and 28th, 2008 by windowstothesoul

I first came up with the idea of a blog on the spirituality of communication about two years ago. I know that as a writer, I yearn for that rare community of writers who live fully and appreciate the excitement, joy, and awesome responsibility we have as Christian writers and communicators.

Every artistic effort, every media production, is a window to the soul of its creator. Our media culture is also a window–to the soul of humanity. In these windows to the soul, we seek to both glimpse and radiate glimmers of the divine. As Christian communicators, our own windows are to be always more transparent so that the Christ-light within us may glow unhindered.

Welcome to my personal musings into the spirituality of being a Catholic media artist and a Pauline woman religious immersed in the world of communication.

Sr Marie Paul

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Google and you shall find: Evangelization & Internet

Sr Lorraine finds these great articles for me! I am now in my post-retreat prayer time. Transition is a time to wait until God speaks anew.
Sr Margaret

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Silence speaking to the heart on retreat

While I am on retreat at St Thecla's Retreat House in Billerica, MA I am keeping you in prayer each moment and especially during the celebration of Eucharistic Liturgy in our chapel. There are 45 sisters on retreat with four retreat directors. There is a room for each of us. Each room has a a sink, a bed (with mattress donated from a self-giving Boston benefactor), a table (donated by a generous benefactor in a Los Angeles art store)and a window from which to contemplate God's beauty. In the morning the birds sing me awake as the sun rises. I leave my blinds open to be awakened naturally during retreat instead of by my chime alarm. In the evening the crickets play a symphony for the stars while I tune in. All of this sounds enticing - peaceful... One sister reminded me that the cross is easier to carry here on retreat then in everyday life. This is true normally. This year though, in the midst of my transition and dwelling in the human city, I find that the cross is heavier in the quiet of retreat. Once in a while I go to share it with my Simon of Cyrene - a friend - or in confession to lighten the load. It is the silence at times like these that speaks to the heart - what is going to be missed in the community you just shared. Those sisters you worked with in the apostolate whom you will no longer have formal meetings with. My joy at working full time in the National Office of Cooperators is overshadowed by knowledge of myself - my weaknesses seem to be edging in on the strengths I thought I had. As a Pauline my retreat is ultimately a prayer to bring to fulfillment the words of Paul "May the God of peace make you holy and bring you to perfection. He who has called you is faithful."

PS The photo is a carving by my brother Michael representing the One who is faithful and takes upon himself all of our burdens.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Miami and the St Paul Year Facebook Site
Here it is - if you are anywhere near the area on the dates of the presentations...
or you can start your own!
Sr Margaret

Share your videos here!

Here it is! A place for us to share videos created by Paulines.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parishes for the St Paul Year

Ideas for the St Paul Year for Parishes

St Paul Prayers

Pauline Year Cooperator Intitiative

Pauline Year Cooperator Initiative

Two Pauline Cooperators in New York are offering a Pauline multi-media presentation to parishes during this Year of St Paul. After calling pastors, asking to meet with them or speak with them about helping them celebrate the Year of St Paul in their parish, the Cooperators, along with Sr Nancy, have prepared a program that can be used in any parish during the Year. The presentation consists of a 20min DVD on the life & spirituality of St Paul along with an introduction about the Pauline Family & Pauline Spirituality. Then an Hour of Eucharistic Adoration (Praying with St Paul) was prepared to do out loud in the church. A poster of St Paul, bible & candle were displayed near the altar. Afterwards, there were refreshments & a book & media display of just St Paul related items. Marie-Louis Handal & Margie Skeels, the Cooperators, are planning a different parish to visit with this program each month during the year. The first parish they did this at they had 80 people attend. They are meetin g with the New Jersey cooperators to see if they can act on this project in their area. Please keep this in your prayers. Every Pastor that they have contacted has been so excited that we are doing something for the Year of St Paul and helping them find a way to celebrate it. As Paulines, this is our specialty! St. Paul, pray for us!
Sr Nancy, Manhattan

Monday, August 4, 2008

Stumbling across St Paul's in Ohio

This is a very cool thing. I stumbled across it last week, when my husband Bill and I literally stumbled into Alba House and Father Jeffrey on a road trip to Chicago. We were taking the back roads, staying off of the Interstates.

We were driving down Rt. 224 outside Canfield, Ohio, when Bill said to me, "Look, a Catholic shrine." We turned and saw what sure enough did look like a Catholic shrine of some sort, and then I saw a sign saying "Alba House".

I said, "Wait, that's a Pauline Center!" We had passed it by that time, but Bill asked if we should turn around. I said, "Sure!"

We stepped into the Alba House bookstore. I felt right at home. We met two Pauline priests, both of whose names I regret I have mislaid. They greeted us warmly. I introduced myself as a Pauline Cooperator, and said we had just chanced upon the place. In talking of the various people I knew, I mentioned Father Jeffrey. To my delight, it turned out that this was indeed Fr. Jeffrey's home base and, in fact, he was just a few doors away!

What a gift from the Holy Spirit! It made my day. Fr. Jeffrey gave us a tour of the grounds and the television station, and he showed us this new venture.

St. Paul's Tube! A YouTube for folks like us who are signed on in Christ's service in one capacity or another. Not just for Paulines, but for everyone who would like a clean, uplifting, GOOD video sharing site.

I intend to upload a video of my own before the summer is over.

Also Fr. Jeffrey encourages blogs on St. Paul's Tube. Create a new blog! I intend to.

May the Holy Spirit shower blessings on this new effort in the cause of the Good Press!


Sr Margaret Charles Kerry - Pauline Cooperator Update

I have been appointed full time director for the Association of Pauline Cooperators having completed my second term on Provincial Government. It has been a blessing to serve our Province during these last six years. Now I am ready to give full time to the Pauline laity. I will be requesting your assistance soon for insight on proceeding to create an organization that will serve you nationally.
Here are my temporary contact numbers and an update on other events:
 New “temporary” phone number – Ext. 4463 (direct line 617-676-4463)
 New temporary office in Boston – HR Office location
 Travels – To Philadelphia at the end of September for the book fairs interviews with principals (over 200 meet on September 23, 2008) and librarians. Connect with presentation of Sr Rose in October for DREs and Sr Anne Joan in November for Religious Educators. Possible trip to St Louis for the benefit dinner and to connect to cooperators on the board.
 Cooperator Conference: Princeton, New Jersey (Vincentian Renewal Center) October 31st – November 2nd. Fr. Antonio Da Silva is coming from Rome (Vatican) for the Conference. Fr. Da Silva is the Postulator General for the causes of Pauline Saints. Cost for the weekend will be about 175.00 all inclusive. Assistance is available.
 Pilgrimage to Rome April 2009: This is being worked on for the Cooperators/Benefactors who would like to make a Pauline Pilgrimage “In the Footsteps of St Paul” for one week in Rome (possibly Alba/Turin/Milan). More information will be coming in this regard. The Pilgrimage was requested by the Cooperators in New York and New Jersey. Sr Barbara Gerace is assisting with our contact in Rome Sr Anna Maria Killing, fsp. The dates include the Pauline Family Event at the Basilica of St Paul on April 22nd, 2009. An itinerary and cost will be available on August 8th.