Monday, September 29, 2008

Announcing a Pauline Pilgrimage: In the Footsteps of Paul

This April 2009 there will be a pilgrimage in the footsteps of St Paul and Alberione through Alba, foundation of the Pauline Family, to Rome and Malta. Join us! Contact Sr Margaret - for more information.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photo Sharing Spot

A place for us to share photos that overflow from this site:

Friday, September 26, 2008

Storytelling in the Catholic Imagination

How wonderful to be able to write in the Cooperator blog. Thank you, Sister Margaret Charles! Hello, Easter and my other Cooperator colleagues. Father Alberione and Mother Thecla are surely smiling down on us now!

Chris Friel and Sister An Mei Lam show the new Storytelling in the Catholic Imagination section of Philadelphia's Pauline Book and Media Center .

For my first post I thought I'd enthuse about the exciting pilot project that started in June in several of the Pauline Book and Media Centers. These are the targeted Centers:

If you live in these areas, why don't you wander over and make a special trip to check out the new expansion of the fiction titles into a category named Storytelling in the Catholic Imagination? The sisters have stocked the shelves with novels, poetry and works of literary analysis that carry out the very Alberionian commitment to offering fiction that:

1) provides a lens through which to interpret popular culture;
2) offers underlying themes with a Catholic sensibility (the moral universe, sin
& redemption, a supernatural order, the choice for truth);
3) respects the human person, revealing their dignity, destiny, freedom &

I bought "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" by Ron
Hansen from the Philadelphia store. I loved the book and then viewed the film. Ron Hansen is a Catholic author and permanent deacon who publishes in the secular publishing world. His books are shot through with Catholic sensibilities, and do very well among non-religious readers and critics.

His latest novel, "Exiles", has just arrived at the Philadelphia center and the other four stores piloting the expansion. "Exiles" tells the story of the shipwreck of a German steamer, the Deutschland, with five nuns on board who had been exiled from Bismarck's Germany due to stringent anti-Catholc laws. News of their drowning reaches the ears of a young Jesuit priest, Gerard Manley Hopkins, who is so affected that he takes up the pen and begins again to write poetry, an endeavor he had stopped due to its being poorly received by his superiors. As we know, his return to poetry was not only good for the Church but for the entire literary world.

The story is fictional but, like "The Assassination of Jesse James", meticulously researched and written in prose that is both beautiful and very accessible.

Pick up your copy now, but not at Borders -- stop into Pauline Book and Media Centers and help support this breaking open of the fiction category into exciting, morally serious titles that offer the transcendence possible through all good art.


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Sr Margaret

Thursday, September 25, 2008

JClub Catholic Book Fairs Update

The Unofficial JClub Catholic Book Fairs site - for Paulines.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Being in Manhattan on my way to Philadelphia

Greetings from Philadelphia!
I am finding "free" car rides to various locations in the country. The latest was finding out that the new Provincial Government was driving to New York so I was able to hop into one of the cars - Sr Nancy's to be precise. Of course we were quite the whole trip (ahem). Then a few days on Staten Island in the new convent at Blessed Sacrament parish - with great hospitality and company. On Saturday I dared all and took the Ferry into Manhattan followed by, what I thought,was going to be a semi-adventure via one boat and two trains. Back up to the morning: I had an emotional morning - the kind holy people don't have - and was dealing with God as Jacob did at Peniel - a struggle. So as I found the energy to get into Manhattan from that struggle it disipated when I found out that the "normal" train - the one I had directions to take - wasn't working. I was told by a subway conductor to take the "R" train to Union Station and switch to the "Six" train. I made a quick phone call to Sr Nancy to say "I may be late for the meeting at the bookcenter - and I may even be lost. Hope to see you soon." Obviously her phone wasn't on and so it was a message left as I went underground hoping with all my might that I may just be late - not lost. After a few helpful hints on how to make the turnstall work (and using up more on my Metro card than necessary) I waiting on the tracks - hopeing this was the right direction, correct train, etc. The train came. I sat down to an older woman wearing the same Kiwi green that some of our chapels have been painted. I asked her if this train was in fact going to Union Station. She said yes. I have to tell you this story in another blog - it is great! This woman reminded me to trust God. That God said I am with you. Don't be afraid. She grabbed my hand as we ran to catch the "six" train. she pushed me into the car - lovingly - and got us seats. We talked - she evangelized me. When I asked her name - OF COURSE! - it was Raphaela - "Just remember the angels" she said. We kissed with a promise of prayers. Her words will be with me for a long time - a program for each day - remind me to tell you!

Sr Margaret

PS I was only 15 minutes late meeting Margie and Marie-Louise, Pauline Cooperators. What they are carrying out in Manhattan for the Pauline Year is amazing and deserves another blog article. I am in Philadelphia until September 26th.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Web Site Appeals to Spirituality of Children

Web Site Appeals to Spirituality of Children

Aims to Show Them What They Can Offer World

LONDON, SEPT. 3, 2008 ( The creators of a pioneering Web site for children hope their new resource will appeal to an increasing number of young people showing an interest in religious studies and spirituality. is designed to cater to children between the ages of 10 and 13, who have questions to ask and want to learn more about life, relationships, spirituality and the world around them.The site, created by the Catholic Agency to Support Evangelization, an agency of the episcopal conference of England and Wales, is set to be launched Sunday.

It features more than 20 interactive pages covering music and film, "Girls only" and "Boys only" sections, book reviews, prayer and a questions area.

"Step Ahead" interviews feature teenagers 14-16 years old who serve as older role models.

Emily Davis, one of the Yfaith creators, said research suggests courses on religious studies continue to increase in popularity.

"Yfaith is a resource which aims to encourage and support children and young people in their journey of spiritual discovery and enquiry," she explained. "We hope that there is something on the site for everyone."

Central to the site's strategy is that it has been molded, and in parts co-written (with adult help), by the target age group.

James, 12, attended a pre-launch children's party.

The site is easy to understand, he affirmed, and "the things they say you can really relate to."

Laura, 11, agreed, "I think it's really good. It tells you about things you want to know and it tells you about what other people have said."

Yfaith is designed to complement what children receive in the classroom and enable them to discover the contribution they can make to the world at large. It places particular emphasis on children's spiritual questions and interests.

--- --- ---

Also On the Net: Catholic Agency To Support Evangelization:

Voo Zoo for Sharing Film Clips & Reel Pop

LOS ANGELES ( -- In March, Paramount became the first (and so far, only) major studio to make thousands of movie clips available for use on the internet. The studio launched VooZoo, a sort of catchphrase-generating application that allowed Facebook users to "quote" lines and even entire scenes from their favorite Paramount films by sharing an actual film clip.
Paramount has inked deals with all major U.S. cellular carriers to expand VooZoo from an app on Facebook to one available to anyone with a web browser.

Since then, VooZoo has quickly exploded, adding 20,000 members a day, eventually becoming used by several hundred thousand Facebook users. VooZoo clips are designed to promote Paramount movies that are either in theaters or on DVD, and give users the option to buy the "clipped" movie on DVD via a link to

Also check out Reel Pop
Reel Pop is The Hollywood Reporter's blog devoted to the wild world of Internet entertainment.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Slide Program on Pauline Cooperators

C:\Documents and Settings\SMARGCHARLES\My Documents\My Videos\SMC Powerpoints\History of the Pauline Cooperators USA Toronto_files\frame.htm

Paste this in your browser to run the slide show/power point using active x or scripts when asked. This was created on my computer so it is free of any spyware etc. I hope to learn how to put up PowerPoint in a different way so that it may be easier for you to watch. But this is a good link for anyone interested in the Pauline Cooperator history in the US/Toronto and the formation program.

Sr Margaret

Catholic Internet Television

Check out the first Catholic television station on the Internet:

Once again thanks to Sr M Lorraine!