Friday, November 28, 2008

Prayers for Mumbai, India Message from our Sisters

While following news yesterday of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Sr. Margaret Timothy (Provincial) emailed our sisters in India. She received the following email from Sr. Ancy John.
Let us continue to pray for a resolution to this conflict and all the unrest in our world.

Dear Sr. Margaret Timothy and Sisters,
Thank you very much for your mail that expressed your concern and prayers for us. Even now the things are bad. As you know more than 125 people are dead and a lot of trouble going on. Though we are not very far from the spots affected, we are safe.
Please do continue to pray for us.
With prayers,
Sr. Ancy John and Sisters, India

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Women of Faith & Film Event in Los Angeles

"Meeting Jesus at the Movies: Mystery, Message, Story", presented by Gretchen Hailer, RSHM and Rose Pacatte, FSP and hosted by the Daughters of St. Paul/Pauline Center for Media Studies in Culver City.

What is your media IQ?

Concert Time of Year

Daughters of St Paul Christmas Concerts live in New York, Philadelphia and Boston areas.
Click on this picture (to the left) for the place, dates and times of the concerts beginning this November through the first weeks of December.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharing with you a local event from the Pacific...

Hello Sr. Margaret Charles, Rae, Margie and all you dear Pauline Cooperators:

I am delighted to share with you pictures of this past Saturday's important event that I had taken here on my side of the world. We celebrated the 125th anniversary of Mother Marianne Cope's arrival on the shores of Hawaii. She, with other 5 Franciscan nuns, nursed the lepers of Kalaupapa. Fr. Damien's canonization has already been approved and we are hoping that Blessed Mother Marianne's will follow soon.

You can view them here at my blog, Mostly Prayers.

Where was the Pauline Spirit in all of these for me? In being able to serve that day. The life of St. Paul encourages me to serve wherever I am called. :-)

Social Media Leads the Future of Technology

Social Media Leads the Future of Technology Facebook to smartphones, advances in technology are changing the way we work and communicate. Professor David Yoffie led three experts in a recent panel discussion on "The Technology Revolution and its Implications for the Future" at the Harvard Business Centennial Business Summit.

Mother Dolores Hart and the Media

Mother Dolores returns to arts.
Nun gave up acting career 45 years ago

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Orissa Burning Video for Sabaoth Film Festival first on our site

Sr Jane's video on Orissa, India (found on our video site under Orissa Burning) is going to be at the Sabaoth International Film Festival, Milan Italy, November 12-13th. Placed with an Amnisty International presentation and shown during the presentation of the head of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. Kudos to John Brunson in Irving, CA for heading this campaign with Sr Jane Raphael Livingston. John was also instrumental in petitioning the USCCB - Bishop's committee for a day of prayer for our brothers and sisters in Orissa. The day of prayer was today - you may have heard this at Mass today, November 9th. This is, as Sr Jane will tell you, the work of the Spirit since the video was created in the garage of our Charleston convent. It began when Sr Jane called and asked me to have the Cooperators pray. A video was suggested. The cooperators have been instrumental as this video reached a wide audience (especially John!). There are over 5, 300 hits on the site. Sr Jane also put this video on YouTube (almost 2,000 hits) which is where it was picked up by the committee for the Sabaoth International Film Festival for human rights issues.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Videos from the Cooperator Conference

Translation Here! From Don Antonio Da Silva

Carissima Suor Margaret,
mi rivolgo a te per rinnovare ancora il mio grazie a te e a tutte le Figlie di San Paolo e Cooperatori e Cooperatrici che mi avete accolto e aiutato in questo viaggio.
Ti chiederei di passare questo mio messaggio a tutti, per dire che oggi abbiamo iniziato la nuova ricognizione canonica della salma del beato Giacomo Alberione.
Mentre aiutavo, avendo nelle mani il suo corpo ho rivolto un pensiero e una preghiera per tutti voi. E lo farò ancora nei prossimi giorni.
Restiamo uniti nella comunione e nella preghiera chiedendo l'intercessione del Beato Alberione per tutti noi, i nostri cari e tutte le persone bisognose o sofferenti nel corpo o nello spirito.
A tutte e tutti il mio cordiale saluto.
Don Antonio F. da Silva

Dearest Sr. Margaret,
I turn to you once again to renew my gratitude to you and to all the Daughters of St. Paul and the Cooperators to say that today we have begun the canonical process of renewing the remains of Blessed James Alberione.
While I helped out, touching the body of the Founder with my hands, I thought of and sent a prayer for each of you. And I will continue to do this in the days to come.
Let us remain united in communion and in prayer, asking the intercession of Blessed Alberione for us all, our dear ones, and all those who suffer need, or bear bodily or spiritual sufferings.
To all of you, I send my most cordial greetings.
Don Antonio F. da Silva

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

St Paul Trivia Game

Enjoy this link

Audio Testimony on Owen Danyo

Dear Sr. Margaret,
Less than 30 seconds ago I listened to your testimony about how God is working in and among us in a tiny part of the U.S. and in a tiny body and soul, Owen. I was deeply moved. Whatever good is done to that dear family through this, it has personal meaning for us all. As small and insignificant as the FSPs are in Texas and in the entire country, God "has his eye on the sparrow." At this time in our history, WE need this too. More than a simple reminder of what we already know, it's a contemplative moment in which we actually SEE God present in our life. These words don't do the experience justice. Thank you for all you are sharing with us.
Sr. Margaret Joseph
San Antonio

Read Owen's story at search Owen Danyo. Watch Rae's video on Owen "Miracle of intercession" by linking to the Pauline Charism LIVE! site to the left of this weblog or click on her blog Confessions of a Pauline Cooperartor in the Pauline blog section:See photos on Share Your Photos Here to the left.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pauline Cooperator Convention 2008

19th Annual Pauline Cooperator Convention photo. There is always someone missing because they are taking the photo - thanks! In this photo you can see Fr. Antonio Da Silva who was with us from the Vatican. See all photos by connecting to the photo page - click to the left on Share Your Photos Here.