Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gospel Lives in Me Leaflet arriving in the mail

Greetings in this New Year.

The first Gospel Lives in Me leaflet will be arriving in the mail - if I have your mailing address. If I don't have your mailing address, that you know of, then follow the link on the right. There are PDF files of the introduction and the January 2009 Lectio Divina leaflet in the Pauline style.

The JCLUB Catholic Book Fair magazine is in print. The first book fairs will be in January with this new magazine - the new Website will be up in February. I will keep you up to date - especially if I travel to Philadelphia to assist.

I had a lovely blueberry pie in the refridgerator here. Someone placed it on a table in our refactory and in a few minutes, and without me present, it was gone. This is a reminder that the deadline for a Pauline Year Pilgrimage is coming soon - it is on the table for you to enjoy. Call Select International to check updated prices and openings: 1-800-842-4842 or visit

Sr Margaret

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