Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Found in the story: Sharing the Pauline Charism

Recently I have been inside of the story of James Alberione. If you have read the Ink Heart novels or watched the movie http://www.inkheartmovie.com/
you will get an idea of what it is like to get lost in the pages of Pauline history - especially when you are doing it to share the charism with others. Tom Groome, Boston College, asked me to write my final paper for this semester (Education of Christians) about Fr. Aberione and the laity. My working title is: Historical notes on the Association of Pauline Cooperators combined with praxis for sharing the Pauline charism with the lay faithful. The hardest part is to "get out of the book" and back onto the computer to write down the marvelous findings. The style I chose is to give important dates in the life of Blessed Alberione, find the documents written on the Pauline Cooperators during those dates and conclude each section with praxis for sharing the charism today. I have so many fantastic resources surrounding me at the moment (on the floor, on the printer, on the desk, on the chair) that I feel like I am orchestrating the scripting of a marvelous movie. The opening of this movie will have a voice over that announces: Even before the starting of his first foundation, Fr. Alberione sought the cooperation of the laity in all his work (AD 26). Even more today the Cooperators are indispensible for the Pauline Family" (General Chapter, 1989).

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