Saturday, March 14, 2009

From humble video beginnings...

Sr Jane sent me this e-mail regarding her "film" Orissa Burning. We first posted this on our site. Then because John in California sent it all over the web there were many hits and replies. The film was used for prayer in religious house and as an entry to the Sabbaoth Film Festival in Milan. Sr Jane then moved it to YouTube as well.

"I just looked on my YouTube site today after many months away and found that "Orissa Burning" has traveled far and wide! Take a look at these sites. I was very happy to note (even though I couldn't read it) the site of the youth from?????somewhere Eastern Europe that chose to share it with other young people.
I found it on a France based Weblog as well.Travel the world by way of YouTube!

It does work and saves on the pocketbook.....!"

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