Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cooperator Congress in Philippines

Pasay City - National Congress for FSP Collaborators

Evangelizing Together To Spread the Word of God: this was the theme of the National Congress for Pauline Lay Collaborators held in Pasay City from 1-4 May 2009. About a hundred collaborators of various types (employees, professionals, young people, etc.) participated in the encounter, together with their FSP coordinators. Aware of the need to give new impetus to evangelization, the group reflected on the situation of society today and on how necessary it is that all the Pauline collaborators work in synergy with one another.
Bishop Rolando Tirona reminded everyone that all the faithful have the duty to help the Church carry out its mission, while Bishop Teodoro Bacani underscored the need to return to our Source, the Word of God, so as to bring about a truly dynamic change in society. Fr. Mario Sobreuanite, ssp, then challenged the participants to use the powerful instruments of communication to help the Word “race ahead.” The Congress generated a high level of enthusiasm that our sisters hope will now lead to a true “explosion” of apostolic activity!


Easter A. said...

That is awesome!

Margie said...

Bravo to our fellow Pauline Cooperators in the Philippines. May they be the ambassadors of Jesus, Master, Way, Truth and Life. Amen.

It would be great to learn more about the work of my compatriots--the Filipino Pauline Cooperators. May Mary Queen of Apostles pray for your sanctification and for humanity. Amen.

May St. Paul the Apostle, pray for us all. Amen.

Blessed Alberione, pray for your spiritual sons and daughters. Amen.