Friday, July 31, 2009

Pauline Cooperator is...

Here is a renewed classic definition of Pauline Cooperator written for the new website:

The laity, through the Sacrament of Baptism and Confirmation, are called, in their state of life, to be Church and to receive the power of the Holy Spirit to complete the saving mission of Christ in the world. Blessed James Alberione envisioned the Pauline charism as a spirituality embracing the totality of Christ for the totality of the person. For each of us there is a search “to satisfy the human hunger for life, meaning and love...” Paulines have come to the recognition that this quest is a quest for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our “threefold need opens us to the redemptive benefits coming to us from the Triune God…the ultimate source of all.” God liberates us from death in all its forms, gives true meaning to our life and fulfills our unlimited desire though Christ in the Spirit. This is the “good news” that Paulines want to share as they embrace a spirituality that expresses itself in a pastoral mission of evangelization employing of new means of communication technology to diffuse the gospel message. Live the charism with us! The Pauline Cooperators, founded in 1917, as an association of the laity responding to their baptismal vocation in a unique way within the Pauline Family of Institutes.

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