Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sneak Peek Pauline Cooperator Magazine Fall Issue

Pauline style of evangelization
Editorial (unedited)
There is a unique style of evangelization that may be called “Pauline.” In this issue you will encounter a member of the Pauline Institute of Jesus the Priest who found Blessed Alberione’s prophetic charism assisted him in his vocation as a diocesan priest. Fr. Bernardo found enrichment in the spirituality of St. Paul as he announced the gospel in Russia. Recently the Church opened his cause for Beatification.
Sr Mary Margaret explores Pauline evangelization as a Sister Disciple. Introducing us to a Lectio Divina approach to Sunday worship, she explores how the Internet is “a new forum” for proclamation.
A perfect article title by someone called “the happiest pessimist ever met” is “How Good is the Good News?” The author, Sr. Mary Lea Hill, also hosts the Twitter site CrabbiMystic. I can’t resist sharing her summary statement here: “The best way to give the Gospel is to be the Good News.”
In March of this year the Archdiocese of Boston invited Dr. Mary Healy to give a presentation for their Co-Workers in the Vineyard Conference. I was able to attend. The Spirit took me up during her presentation and set me down in front of her to request a copy of her talk. In order for our evangelization and ministry to be fruitful, she says, we must first put out into the deep and enter the heart of God. In this article Dr. Healy, associate professor of Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, presents St. Paul’s recipe for church renewal.
Sr Rose Pacatte, Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies, hoists up the flag for new media technology as gifts of God. This is the essence of Pauline outreach – putting love in the sometimes noisy gong of communication media.

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