Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beginning Fall Semester at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

I started classes at the School of Theology and Ministry today - fall semester. On Tuesday I did a dry run so I thought I would be all ready for Wednesday. I was given the wrong class numbers for the wrong days so what really happen was driving around campus to find parking and then finding the correct building. I arrived early for classes - by one hour - but that hour plus 15 minutes just got me to my first class. I am going online to try to confirm the other two courses now so that I bring the correct books to the correct class! Lesson: it would be great to have a buddy system - a friend attending these courses would help to confirm all of the above. I do all of this, as Paul would say, for the gospel - I also do it for the Pauline Cooperators....and am glad for the chance (after catching my breath).  The courses are Theology of the Ordained and the Lay Ministry; New Testament, Systematic Theology: Joseph Ratzinger. THE PHOTO - shades of yesteryear - high school in New Orleans - with the same amount of books I need today!

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