Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prayer for Priests Year of Priests 2009-2010

O, Lord, we pray for Benedict XVI, your Vicar, our Pope; for all the cardinals and bishops, especially our own bishop and his collaborators;
for all priests and deacons, especially those who serve this parish family;
for the seminarians of our diocese; for the retired priests and those incapacitated by illness; for the priests who are studying; for those serving in the armed forces; for those who serve in the missions or on special assignment; for deceased priests whom we owe so much. We beg you to watch over those priests who are tempted, alienated, accused, disillusioned, those who have been laicized. Have mercy on your priests for they are burdened  as well as blessed. Give them your heart; let them feel your presence; fill them with peace and grace. Amen.

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