Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Woman in Communication in Korea

ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - “Women and communication in the Church”: a contribution to the lay apostolate

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) – The apostolate of the laity in Korea should be marked by a unique contribution from women. This is what was recently affirmed in a seminar organized by the Bishops' Commission for the Lay Apostolate, focused on the theme “Women and communication in the Church.”

As Agenzia Fides learned from Korean Church sources, the seminar mentioned the importance of the woman in the evangelization of society and the need to provide greater room for them in the Church, in parishes, in associations, and in ecclesial movements. The event was attended by many lay persons, as well as priests and religious. A fundamental step, they said, is that of communication: communication within the Church, among the various parts of the community; interpersonal communication, among people of various states of live; institutional communication, between those of the Church hierarchy and the simple faithful; media communication, between the press and the public.

The assembly noted a small feminine presence in the media and in places of representation in Catholic communities and the little importance given to women in pastoral institutions. There seems to be a tendency, they said, to exclude women from the decision-making or tasks of greater responsibility in the areas of catechesis, liturgy, and charity.

Women have offered their specific charism to the community and are called to communicate their gifts for the enrichment of the community and the lay apostolate of the Korean nation.

The Church, the seminar concluded, cannot do without the feminine contribution and is called to evaluate the role of women in the community, for a truly creative and efficient work of evangelization. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 21/9/2009)

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