Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mother Teresa's Letter to Pauline Cooperators

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Easter A. said...

This is wonderful, Sr. Margaret Kerry! I'd love to add the link to my main blog, Mostly Prayers.

Thanks for sharing!

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

Easter you are more than welcome to share this. It is also on the Association Facebook page if that is helpful. If you prefer the original files let me know.
Sr Margaret
PS I posted to your Ning message as well! Good to meet you online...hopefully one day again in Hawaii for a Cooperator event.

Easter A. said...

Thanks again, Sr. Margaret Kerry!

Easter A. said...

Oh yes, Sr. Laura is doing a good job with the PC program here. We had to start from the very beginning to accomodate new members. I'm glad we are a bigger group now; many of those were graduates of the Pauline talks in the Year of St. Paul.

Looking forward to seeing you... when that comes...:-)