Monday, October 12, 2009

Update from the National Office of Pauline Cooperators

First congratulations to our new Pauline Cooperators, Dr Jeffrey Mathews (Missiouri) Carol Anne Wright (California) ! I am still studying theology in view of updating the formation manual for the Pauline Cooperators. Most of the papers I write are a deeper reflection on the Pauline Charism and Blessed Alberione's writing. I hope to post those to an inactive blog I have (see recent post) so that everyone can share the insights.

I recently attended NACAR (North American Conference of Associates and Religious) in order to renew the organization of the Associaton in the US/Canada. I may apply for thier board and will invite Cooperators to join the Conference as well. The International Conference will be in St Louis, MO June 2010.  (Refer to recent post on this).

There is a regional retreat in Boston (St Thecla's Retreat House) October 23-25, 2009. The retreat concludes as we celebrate the Feast of Jesus Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life at 50 St Paul's Ave - with the commuity. Brunch will be served after the Liturgy.

The next annual conference (the 20th! conference!) is being held in Cape May, NJ - April 16, 17 and18th. The retreat house is on the beach and during bird watching season in a place where the birds love to stop on their way further north. Bring binoculars!

Our Pilgimage to Rome is booked for October 20th to 30th 2010. We may be accompanied by a film crew getting footage for a documentary on James Alberione.

Sr Margaret

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