Monday, November 23, 2009

First U.S. Priest to pronuonce vows in Pauline Institute

Fr. Michael Harrington is the first diocesan Priest in the United States to pronounce vows in the Pauline Institute of Jesus the Priest. He pronounced his vows in the chapel of the Society of St Paul in Staten Island, New York on the Feast of Christ the King during the Year of the Priest. This landmark occassion brought together members from all branches of the Pauline Family: Priests and brothers of the Society of St Paul, Daughters of St Paul, Sister Disciples of the Divine Master, member of the Institute of Mary of the Annunciation (for single women), Pauline Cooperators and members of the Holy Family Institute. It was a quiet and powerful moment which was celebrated in typical Pauline style with a prayerful, dynamic Liturgy followed by the family meal. Everyone enjoyed the occassion. It was Thanksgiving day early! A movie and photos will follow this post.

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mary said...

congratulations father michael holy spirit guide you