Monday, November 30, 2009

Pauline History Facebook Style

This is a brief Pauline History in the style of Facebook. If the Pauline venerables and blesseds: Blessed Alberione, Mother Thecla, Sr Scholastica (Pious Disciple), Brother Andrew, Maggiorino, Canon Chiesa as well as Mother Paula and Fr. Borrono (first Paulines to establish the congregation in the United States) and some friends from our history (Bishop Re) were to meet on Facebook - what would it look like? I hope this entices you to read more about the foundations of the Pauline Family through this imaginative document.

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Anonymous said...

What a creative and contemporary way to present your history! I love it. This would be such a fun, creative, and interactive way for students to present history to others as well.
In literature classes, I have had students create blog conversations between characters--but I hadn't figured out a way to have them create a full blown facebook.