Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spring of Living Water

The theme for the local retreat held in Boston this October was "The Fresh and Deep Waters of Pauline Spirituality." The theme was inspirired by my study of Pilgrim Fellowship of Faith by Joseph Ratzinger for a theology course. In this book he wrote: "Christ is the spring of living water - the crucified Christ is the spring that makes the world fruitful. The source of the Spirit is the crucified Christ. Yet from him every Christian also becomes a spring of water."  The retreat theme lent itself to a day of reflection on the gospel of John Chapter 4 - the woman at the well.  Jesus asks for the gift of water and in turn reveals himself as the gift of better water! Both Sr Sharon Anne's reflection (5 minutes) and Sr Mary Lea's presentation (2 parts 30 minutes) can be found at

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