Saturday, November 14, 2009

Update on the Association of Pauline Cooperators

The Ning community has 45 members from the United States, Canada, Signapore, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines! Join today (see invitation box on the right). Join the Conversation!

I am still writing papers for Theology courses in preparation for working with the Association of Pauline Cooperators formation, magazine, blogs (ahem), movies (why not) and organization. In the meantime I am also preparing for the Pauline Pilgrimage to Rome (2010) and the Conference in April 2010 in Cape May, NJ> The Theme is Equiping the Saints. We will share on decisive elements of organization for the Association. In June I am inviting Cooperators to join me for the International meeting of North American Conference of Associates and Religious in St Louis, MO> Hoping someone will be able to join me so we can catch workshops and share the insights we receive from them with everyone. Join NACAR for ongoing workshop invitations and growth of our Association (APC).

Photo: A meal in Rome - something for you to look forward to!

Sr Margaret

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