Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update on Pauline Cooperator Association

Last week I began studies in Pastoral Ministry (Boston College School of Theology and Ministry) so that while renewing theology, Christology, ecclesiology and spiritualty I will begin to update our formation program and complete the books that were begun for ongoing formation.

We will be receiving updates from our General House in Rome in these areas:
  • A Co-Worker's Manual in two parts A Closer Look at the FSPs, and Working together with us" (booklet format, 48 pages).
  • A booklet on Pauline Cooperator's Principles and Guidelines - revised.
  • A cooperators' prayer leaflet with the Promise on it.

This updated material may not be available until the fall of 2009. It will be used worldwide and is being translated into various languages.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

St Paul Year Indulgence: Rededication St Paul Statue

Bishop blesses statue
Monday, January 26, 2009
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Since last month, a 14-foot-tall statue of St. Paul has welcomed visitors to Alba House bookstore in Meiers Corners.
Yesterday, on the day celebrated as the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul in the Catholic church, members of the three religious orders on Staten Island dedicated to Paul's mission of evangelization watched as a bishop blessed the 2,000-pound bronze statue at its new home.
The statue stood for years outside the Daughters of St. Paul convent in St. George. When the sisters moved out of the convent, they hoped to find a home within the Pauline family for the imposing work of art that is one of just two like it in the world.
Both the Daughters of St. Paul and the priests and brothers from the Society of St. Paul are thrilled with the new location. "It's in the family," said Sister Nancy Usselman. "This is a tremendous treasure," said Brother Peter Lyne. At the Mass that preceded the dedication, Brother Peter thanked Eamon Shields, owner of Daggart Construction in West Brighton, for safely transporting the statue from point to point. When Shields first saw the statue, Brother Lyne said, "he was speechless and in awe. He turned to me and he said, 'I will move it.'"
Other companies, including Scara Mix, Grandview Structural Steel, Monumental Marble Co., Richmond Pre-Case and Walsh Electrical, were thanked for their help and contributions. Also thanked for their continuing support were the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic War Veterans. Bishop Dennis Sullivan, the principal celebrant at the mass, called the statue "a great sign for all who pass this place" and noted that its high visibility on Victory Boulevard is felicitous, halfway through this year dedicated to St. Paul.
"This Pauline year will be long remembered in this place," the bishop said.
St. Paul was the inspiration for five religious orders and four secular institutes and the Pauline Cooperator Association founded by Blessed James Alberione in Italy in 1914. In addition to the Society of St. Paul and the Daughters of St. Paul, the Island also is home to the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master in Willowbrook.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pauline Year Indulgence

Pilgrimages to the Society of St Paul on Staten Island, N.Y. during the Pauline Year are now indulgenced since the rededication of the St Paul Statue on their grounds (see recent blog post). What is an indulgence? Visit this page from the United States Catholic Conference:

"The saints, the members of the Church who have arrived at perfect union with Christ, join their wills to the will of God in praying for those in the Church who are still on their pilgrimage of faith."

A number of popular devotions have indulgences attached to them. Indeed, the fact that a particular devotion has an indulgence attached to it is an indication that this devotional practice has proven itself within the Church to be helpful in bringing people closer to God. Because of the close association between popular devotions and indulgences, a clear understanding of the Church's teaching on indulgences is necessary to appreciate the role of popular devotional practices in the life of the Church.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Relocation of Historic St Paul Statue In New York

This January a very large statue of St Paul was relocated from the former property of the Daughters of St Paul on Staten Island, NY. to the property of the Society of St. Paul. The statue was brought over from Italy by the first Daughters of St Paul in the United States. The transfer of the statue has become part of the Pauline Family celebration for the Year of St Paul. Brother Peter said there are "only two of its kind in the world." The twin statue is located in the Society's General Government in Rome. Francesco Nagni was the painter, architect and sculptor of the statue of St. Paul. In 1914 Nagni was appointed as superintendent of various monuments in Rome. This Sunday, the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul, there will be a celebration of the Pauline Family held at the Society of St Paul. On this occassion there will be a blessing of this historic statue.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Daughters of St Paul Album

The new album of the Daughters of St Paul is also a new expression of chant and ancient echoes of lost hymns in a contemporary setting that enhances the prayerful, mystical experience.

What's inside: Vexilla Regis ProdeuntAve Regina Caelorum/Ave Maris StellaSalve Regina ∙ Adoro Te, Devote ∙ Tantum Ergo, SacramentumAve Verum Corpus NatumUbi CaritasTe JosephIn Paradisum

Another Pauline Cooperator web banner

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More web banners

Sneak previews of the new web site banners. Click on these to enlarge them.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cooperator inspired banner

These are banners for our renewed website (coming February!). Click on it to enlarge.
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Creating Web Site Banners

This is a side job that I have been blessed with. Ideas are welcome! Here is a sample of a vocation banner. I will use this for Cooperators as well. Our renewed site goes live in February 2009. Click on the photo to enlarge it.
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Sr Margaret

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gospel Lives in Me Leaflet arriving in the mail

Greetings in this New Year.

The first Gospel Lives in Me leaflet will be arriving in the mail - if I have your mailing address. If I don't have your mailing address, that you know of, then follow the link on the right. There are PDF files of the introduction and the January 2009 Lectio Divina leaflet in the Pauline style.

The JCLUB Catholic Book Fair magazine is in print. The first book fairs will be in January with this new magazine - the new Website will be up in February. I will keep you up to date - especially if I travel to Philadelphia to assist.

I had a lovely blueberry pie in the refridgerator here. Someone placed it on a table in our refactory and in a few minutes, and without me present, it was gone. This is a reminder that the deadline for a Pauline Year Pilgrimage is coming soon - it is on the table for you to enjoy. Call Select International to check updated prices and openings: 1-800-842-4842 or visit

Sr Margaret

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Gospel Lives in Me: new montly Scripture leaflet

The Gospel Lives in Me will be the name of the new monthly Gospel to life application shared by the Pauline Cooperators in the US and Canada. This simple leaflet will be mailed monthly and have space on the Internet as well. Receiving it will be the moment the Gospel is proclaimed among the Association of Pauline Cooperators for meditation, deepening and inflaming us to live the passage as a testimony to the hope that is in us. The seed of the Word will take root in our life, grow and overflow as "the Word/Bread of Life prepared and broken" for our family, friends, neighbors and whomever we meet. As Paul we will "see Christ with our own eyes" and desire to proclaim him to everyone. This leaflet will be written in the Pauline method: truth, way and life, as a reflection of the recent Synod on the Word. The objective of this practice is "to know the heart of God through the word of God." St. Gregory the Great on Lectio (reading) Divina (divine).

Here is a suggested outline:
1. Preparing the environment (or context) where your encounter with the Word will take place. For example you may open a Bible in your home, bring the leaflet to Mass or Eucharistic adoration.
2. Next, the Holy Spirit is invoked so that "as the Word was made a book," as in the experience of the first Christian community, so now "the book becomes Word."
3. The third step is the reading, or rather, the proclamation (especially in a group or family setting) of the Biblical text followed by a moment of silence for personal reflection. The participant(s) are then encouraged to annotate the passage, using, for example, question marks beside passages that seem more difficult to understand and underlining verses they consider particularly important. In this way you discover the key points of the passage. The passage is read again, marking it this time with exclamation points beside those verses that invite them to actions or changes of attitudes. With an asterisk mark those passages that help you to pray.
4. Move on to meditation, following the exclamation points. A group may be invited to ask questions that apply to their lives.
5. Next you (or the group) begins to pray, using the asterisks -- to pray from and with the word of God and what has been lived in the encounter with the Word, that is, with Christ.
6. Time is left for contemplation in silence or with music. What is important is that "Jesus takes hold of me, looks at me and I at him, an exchange of gazes."
7. You then move to the last stage, "action," writing a word (for example, dialogue or help) that indicates to them the path to follow and share. If may be shared on the Internet at in the Pauline Cooperator magazine.
Cf: Auxiliary Bishop Santiago Silva Retamales of Valparaiso, Chile