Friday, January 22, 2010

A Cry, dedicated to the unborn

Aloha, dear Sr. Margaret Kerry and Pauline Cooperators! I thought I'd share with you a poem I wrote three years ago that was published in the Hawaii Catholic Herald in October of 2008. October is Respect Life Month.

Reflecting on Life and keeping in mind that today is the day many of us are rallying and walking for life, I am thankful that my earthly mother is pro-life. I am alive! And happy to be! I am thankful that God is pro-life, he, being Life and the creator of life. I am thankful for St. Paul who lived life to the full by proclaiming and living the gospel of life. I am thankful for Blessed Alberione and Mother Thecla for having shown us the way to a life of holiness, truth and passion and how to proclaim that magnificent and all-powerful Life through the media of today.

I will be attending the Pro-life Rally and March at the State Capitol in Honolulu today. God bless you all.

A Cry

Moved by the dedicated efforts of those who joined March for Life three years ago outside of the State Capitol here in Honolulu, I was greatly inspired to write this poem that very day. Let us be the voice of the helpless unborn as they are speechless in tongue. Let us vote for Life, bearing in mind Jesus who is Life!

Mother! O sweet Mother!

I hear laughter melodious as music
I hear cries thundering like drums in beat
These sounds I shall come to know
With ears that my Creator has formed for me

Trees and hills you speak of I shall climb
Rivers and oceans I shall swim and explore
My little feet will make sure to run and walk
The earth my God has made for me

I cannot wait to see the sun you wake up to
And the moon so round you say?
My eyes will make sure to see the wonders
My King has prepared for me

The food you give me is delightfully sweet
My taste buds cannot wait to savor
A variety of foods you shall prepare for me
For which I shall thank our Provider so graciously

But wait now … the cries are getting louder
The beats have lost their rhythm
And the music their melody
The thundering of sounds are deafening

My legs and my arms are in pain
My surrounding is the color of my walls
Red is it? It is more dense now …
The sounds fading …

MOTHER! Oh Sweet MOTHER, help me!

Where are you, MOTher r r r r r ... ? ? ? ? …

Easter Almuena


Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

Let us pray for all those who are pregnant in difficult circumstances and offer our assistance to nourish and bring the fullness of life to their unborn children - so that Easter's poem may conclude with the face of the child's mother and the face of the body of Christ. May we somehow be the presence, hands, love of Christ for mother and child.

Easter A. said...

Thanks so much, Sr. Margaret. Many blessings to you and all the Pauline Cooperators!