Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Catholic Acting Studio in Hollywood

After reading a copy of the latest issue of The Pauline Cooperator magazine, Karla from the new Catholic Acting Studio "Holywood" called me in Boston. She explained that members of this studio want to live and practice a Catholic spiritual life that is intergral to their work/mission as actors. The Pauline Charism encountered through the magazine reflected what they were looking for - and it already exists! When their first symposium was announced as being held at the Sisters Disciples of the Divine Master Liturgical Center we both knew the Spirit was on double-time. Karla and I actually connected on February 5th, the day Mother Thecla entered eternal life. My prayer to Mother Thecla that morning during Mass was for direction in our call to live the charism with the laity. After I called Sr Lucille at the Liturgical Center she told me that the sisters had just placed the magazine on the counter while Karla was contracting use of the premises. We all know that this is a work of the Spirit. Thank you for your prayers. 

Sr Margaret

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Wendy,fsp said...

That's amazing! How neat if the members of Holywood become Pauline Cooperators too.