Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is a Pauilne Center?

In preparation for a "mission team" meeting this week I sent out a request to assist me with five responses to the question: "What does Pauline Books & Media mean to you?" I received twenty-four answers! I took off the last names and left the location each person responded from. Now you can read the responses here:



Anonymous said...

can't open the document...please check your link. thanks.

Sr Margaret Kerry fsp said...

To see Google documents it may be necessary to have a google account. You may also have to check your web browser. Firefox may block cookies on a site, for instance. You have to reset your cookies. I checked the link and this is what I found. The link is correct and access is universal - however there may be other influences. If you are interested in the text I will send a work or pdf via e-mail: mkerry@paulinemedia.com.
Thanks! Sr Margaret

Sr. Margaret Kerry, fsp said...

Ok I think I fixed the link for this document! Thanks again.

Lisa said...

I so enjoyed reading the responses to what PB&M means to the respondents.