Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chicago Memorial Day

Greetings from our Chicago Pauline center. There are so many memories here:

Setting up after school programs/reading rooms with Boys & Girls Club and with the Pilsen Neighborhood Parishes (near the first Jesuit Christo Rey School). There were five reading rooms set up through the generosity of so many people. The children were these amazing boys and girls growing up in challenging circumstances. I think of them often. I hope to locate the new media needs of inner-city kids today.

Then there was the time a fire truck "pulled" our bookmobile over.  The fire chief stopped us to get some Catholic books. He had just returned to Church. The next day he and his men perished in a fire when a roof collapsed. Turns out his wife consitently placed Catholic books around the house for him to read that our sisters brought to her beauty salon. Then the Parish Priest sent him a letter asking him to "help us as visit the homebound and those in the hospital." All these invitations did not go unheeded. Now I ask his intercession to get through purgative fires that purify and preserve us.

I remember when this same bookmobile broke down in Wisconsin. There were four of us returning from an apostolic trip. We drifted into a small town. A gentleman came to assist us who had been away from church "forever." We were praying to our deceased to help us get the van fixed so we could be on our way before dark. After this gentleman assisted us he recieved a phone call that his brother had died just that morning - a brother who always invited him back to the faith. Guess who drifted into his life with a van full of praying Religious sisters and books. 

Why do I remember each of these stories above all wonderful memories (and I really can't compare them to when I ate soup and broke bread with Msgr. Egan or Cardinal Bernadine's holy presence through his visicitudes). Because they are "super" natural. They were not of our doing. We let go (without a choice) and let God. These are signs that break into our lives. Then I look for them in the everyday - the friendships - the "going through" moments that lead us toward transformation.

Have a "sign filled" memorial day.
Sr Margaret

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