Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pilgrimage to Birthplace of the Pauline Family

I set up the "changing blog" to promote the Pauline Pilgrimage to Rome this October. Visit and click on the "I am going" button the right if you are planning to join the Pilgrims. (Special apc stands for Association of Pauline Cooperators.)  I have been recalling all of the wonderful places that I visited during our 2003 Pilgrimage: The Cathedral where Blessed Alberione prayed during the night between the centuries, St Paul's in Alba (see photo inset) - the bricks of this basilica were made by the first Paulines! The printing presses of the Society of St Paul, the halls where Alberione, Giaccardo, Thecla, Scholastica, and our first Paulines walked, worked - and the church they prayed in. The first images of the Queen of Apostles in the Church of the Divine Master. The stories about building this church. The sisters of the "first hour" who are in the community of Alba. Mother Thecla's house,  Blessed Alberione's house - both maintained for visits and prayer. Blessed Giaccardo's parish church. The Marian Shrines frequented by Alberione. The streets of nearby Turin where Alberione found inspiration from Don Bosco, Joseph Catalango and others. The Cathedral of Milan! The quiet pathways of Assisi, San Damiano, St Clare. The journey to Rome. The grandour of Rome! The Basilicas: St Peter's, St Paul's, St Mary Major, the Lateran. The prison where Peter and Paul prayed before their martyrdom. The house where Paul preached. The actual cobblestones their feet touched. The sights and sounds of more than 2,000 years of saints. Hope you can join me this year!
Sr Margaret

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