Monday, May 24, 2010

Social Networks for Association

Ning is going to charge so the Ning community is migrating. I received a lot of feedback re the Spruz, three members joined to check it out. True is doesn't seem as friendly to me. Most of the feedback is that we move to Facebook and start our discussions and photo sharing there. However how do you share photos on Facebook's "fan" pages?

I have a spot on - PaulineLaity Only this is really a blog like the one you are on now. I add to it periodically but encourage everyone to visit here. This blog functions as a portal to other Pauline sites. I will just stay on Facebook (as Association of Pauline Cooperators) and explore the possibilities there. Eventually I will be creating a page at ( for the cooperators. At present you can read the Pauline Cooperator magazine online at this address. The formation program online will have to link to all of these for those who want access to information, formation, sharing, video, etc.

Thanks for input or just visiting to keep in touch!
Sr Margaret

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Sr Anne said...

I think the administrator can allow members to post pictures on a Facebook group page.